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Getting Started

How to get started ...

Making the initial call with us is easy.


 When you first call (925) 361-0565, the Busy Bee Green staff will ask for your contact information, like your address, phone number and email so we can contact you if we have further questions.  We always keep your information confidential.

Next, we walk you through our cleaning process and offer to meet with you and learn more about your home and cleaning needs.  Our consultation meetings are free and without any obligation.  During our meeting, we will note your home specifics (square footage, number of rooms, type of counters, floors, appliances, etc.).  This will allow us to provide you with a house cleaning plan specifically developed for you and a no obligation estimate for your first cleaning and the cost of ongoing cleaning service to keep your home looking its best, whether it is weekly, biweekly, or monthly.  

Give us a call. We look forward to meeting you and exceeding your expectations with our customer service and our thorough cleaning.  You will enjoy having the free time for yourself and a spotless home.  You'll be so happy you made the call! 

Need to learn more before making the call?

We encourage you to download our Green Cleaning Service Manual and learn more details about our services and policies.  Click on the following link:

Busy Bee Green Service Manual

Feel free to call (925) 361-0565 or email eh.busybee@gmail.com with any questions.

Your leisure is our pleasure!
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